What Are Carbonless Forms

Carbonless Forms
What are Carbonless Forms?
Are there different kinds?
We have been asked this question every day since we started doing business as www.needtoorder.com in 1997.  When it comes to Carbonless forms, we are the printing gurus and we have the answers.
Carbonless forms, also known as NCR Forms, Multiple Part forms, or non-carbon forms are used to make a copy of an original, handwritten (or mechanically typed) document without the use of any electronics. The process was invented in 1952 by chemists Lowell Schleicher and Barry Green, working for the NCR Corporation, as a biodegradable, stain-free alternative to carbon paper. 
There are different type of Carbonless Form Sets.  A set is a carbonless paper combination fixed together either by gluing the edge or binding with a stub.  Here are the four most common type of carbonless forms:
Edge Glued Forms: These carbonless forms are Edge Glued and Pull Apart Styled carbonless forms that have their parts joined by a pull apart adhesive that is easy to separate when you want it separated, but also holds securely when you want the parts to stay together.
Snap Set Carbonless Forms or Unit Set Carbonless Forms: These carbonless forms are Multi-Part and bound in one common stub to form a unit. The stub may be at the top, bottom, left, or right of the carbonless form.
Continuous Computer Carbonless Forms: These carbonless forms consist of a single or multiple sheets or rolls of paper that are perforated at regular intervals so that the sheets can be easily separated. Most Continuous Carbonless Forms have holes punched along each side so that the paper can be pulled through the printer by a tractor feed mechanism.
Stock Carbonless Forms: These carbonless forms are typically standard carbonless forms that businesses use such as register forms, sales books, receipts, and invoices. Stock Carbonless forms are easy to personalize with your company's logo and pertinent information.
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